Our core values
For the first time in the history of the planet, most of the valuable work can be performed from almost anywhere as long as one has an internet connection. We make this a must and structure everything from day one so we are free from a location. If you are contributing from home, office, beach, mountain house, we don't care.
We belive that if results are created and work is done, you should not care if you are working in the morning, evening, night, or if you finish in 2 or 200 hours. Those that can produce quality in an efficient way are always awarded.
This one is simple. Life is too short to spend it with people that suck. This goes for our clients, partners, team members. Teams that love what they do and respect each other function and produce the best. It also means that when we do find people we respect and love we go out of our way to attract them as clients, partners, or team members. Our mantra is "The start is at the fifth 'NO', and the end is when we WIN"
If you will do anything, it is worth doing it to the maximum of your ability and then some more. Setting a goal to be the best in the world, means focus, challenges, and higher standards. It also means happy and loyal customers.
Interview after interview, speech after speech, book after book, the most well respected succesful people that changed this world for better tell us the same thing. "You have to love what you do to successed" How about listening to them for a change :) ?
Every day we grow or we shrink. By pushing our limits every day, we make sure we keep growing, but also keep innovating and staying challenged.
The answer to a happy life, how to make loads of cash, how to make friends, how to do something meaningful comes down to the same answer. Create value in someone's life, so much value that changes their life for the better. Do it with your products, services, messaging, communication, your existence... If you are not doing something that improves people lives, you are wasting your time.

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