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What do you expect from this program?

Please list what do you expect from this program and what are main reasons you are attending it.


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I was always buffled by how those internet marketers gain their ‘tribe’, their following. It seemed like the doors to the world are open to anyone that can wave their magic wand and make it happen, but it also seemed so complicated and time consuming to me. In the course introduction promises were given for tips and tricks to that magic potion. I wanted it, I registered for the course for that reason. Also, I want to be the one if not the first, if not the only one, but one of the people that would disprove the myth of misery and poverty in Bosnia. Finally, I was excited for the opportunity to have my own internet business. The bonus is having a chance to rub shoulders with the people that have done it and know what they are talking about. Thank you for this course, a chance, and faith in us.

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In this program i saw an opportunity for young people who want to achieve something in Internet area. I have always dreamed of making my own business and becoming successful in it. Internet is a great opportunity for all who have any idea and it’s great to have you as kind of mentor because you’ll help us to fulfill our dreams. Thank you for this program!

  • Alma Kurjak commented Apr 15th 2014:
    After attending the first meeting, I realized that this program is the perfect bridge between my current "on ground" business and my idea/desire/plan to take it a step further and make a presence online (aside from the usual webpage, FB, Twitter etc.). I have been successfully running a business for the past 8 years (the beginning was not so successful) and I know that what I have created is a business that can operate as it anywhere in the world but due to the nature of the business I am bound to my location. I hope that this program will show me how to package my current knowledge/best practices/experience and present it to the world in an online product. The program raised my expectations when I realized the credentials of the team that was leading it.

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